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IRS Debt Settlements Helpful Hints

We have compiled this information to make you aware of the common mistakes that we have seen taxpayers make when dealing with the IRS. Unfortunately, we have seen taxpayers make these mistakes again and again. It is critically important that you avoid these mistakes if you want to maximize your chances of successfully resolving your IRS debt problem.

Open all mail from the IRS.

This may seem obvious, but many people do not do it. The IRS is not going to go away just because you don´t open your mail. Ignoring your IRS problems is not the answer. It is crucially important to open all your mail from the IRS (especially the certified letters). While it may be unpleasant to open, the mail from the IRS provides you notice of your legal rights (yes, you do have legal rights even when dealing with the IRS). By ignoring your legal rights, you are making it more difficult – and perhaps even more expensive – to solve your tax problems. So if you do nothing else, open all your mail from the IRS. When you begin to get certified letters from the IRS, you need to take action — either on your own or by hiring experienced professionals like the Tax Solutions Law Firm, LLC.

Don't fall further behind.

Many people think that if they are already behind in their taxes, they should simply not bother to pay their current taxes. This is not true. One of the best actions you can take to start solving your tax problems is to become a good taxpaying citizen again. The IRS is easier to deal with when you are meeting your current tax obligations. Everyone falls into a rough patch in life now and again. A temporary failure to pay your taxes is much easier to explain to the IRS than continued failure to pay taxes (unless there’s a good reason).

File your taxes even if you cannot pay them.

Many people also believe that if you cannot afford to pay your taxes, you should not file tax returns. Again, this is not true. There are penalties for failing to file your taxes. There are penalties for failing to pay your taxes. By filing your taxes even if you are unable to pay, you can avoid the failure to file penalties. Also, as a general rule, the IRS is more aggressive in dealing with taxpayers who fail to file their tax returns than simply failing to pay their taxes.

We can help you avoid these common mistakes.

Take action today to resolve your tax problems and gain knowledge that can help you avoid future issues. Your IRS problems will not go away by themselves. Call us now to see how we can help you.